Art of the Sailor
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Arts of the Sailor and maritime rope work historically served both a functional purpose and a decorative one.  Long days at sea and nautical materials provided time and resources for sailors to produce intricate rope work and marlinspike creations.  Reed Lockhart Phillips hand crafts timeless sailor knot art such as turks head knot coasters, woven cotton rope mats and trivets, monkey’s fist key chains and door stops, among other custom made nautical designs.


What was originally used as a block mat to protect the deck and reduce noise or as a ladder rope mat for traction, can now be used as a decorative and functional accent to your coastal home or for your boat.
  The beautiful 100% white cotton mats can be used as stair treads, bath or door mats, and on a smaller scale used as placemats, trivets or coasters.

The turks head or monkey fist knot originally used at the end of a heaving line so that they could be caught easily, are very popular as key chains, wine stoppers and doorstops.  Manila rope is a rugged choice for doorstops, but can also be made in white cotton.  

Marine and nautical accessories are always a great reminder of our affinity for the coast and sea.  Reed Lockhart Phillips’ rope work collection is all hand-done with the finest materials.  You will enjoy these pieces in your home or on your boat for many years

On a boat, these ladder mats are an ideal way to create sure footing on board a slippery, wet deck.  Aboard a ship, when the wind is howling and the rain is dumping, you don’t want a slippery ladder, hence the ladder mat was born. This was a supreme form of traction for those wet slippery ladders leading below decks. The ladder mat has a more oval/rectangle shape to it in order to accommodate the rectangular shape of the ladder steps.  At the same time, they offer a pleasing aesthetic to the boat.


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